Stop at the Kids & Youth Check-In Desk for information on specific classrooms for your kids.
During July and August, the following Kids’ & Youth Programming will be offered at the following services:

9:00 AM Service: Check-In is available from 8:45am-9:15am
  • Kids Programming Available for ages 6 months - 3 Years

10:30 AM Service: Check-in is available from 10:15-10:45am
  • Kids Programming Available for ages 6 months - 5th Grade
  • Middle School Grades 6-8
  • High School Grades 9-12


Kids' Ministry Coordinator

Dan Dutcher

Youth Pastor

Leo Alves


Welcome families!

We are so excited you’re here. It is our joy and privilege to partner alongside you and God in establishing a Biblical and spiritual foundation for your little (or big!) ones. God LOVES kids, and so do we! We’re happy to provide a safe, nurturing and loving place for them to come each Sunday and experience the Holy Spirit.





We have a family room available for use if you need a private or quiet place to comfort, change, or feed your baby.
It is located on the right wall of the auditorium and has comfy chairs, a changing table, and a privacy curtain for nursing moms.


A child dedication at Mercy is a way for parents to declare before friends, family and God that you will “direct [your] children onto the right path so that when they’re older, they won’t leave it” (Proverbs 22:6). We believe parenting is a high calling, and we want to support and celebrate you in it. We also believe that, as a parent, you can’t decide whether your child will choose to follow Jesus or not. Ultimately that comes down to each individual person and their journey with Jesus. What you as a parent can do is lay a foundation for your child and their journey in faith, through the way they live their life, by praying for your child, and by continually seeking Jesus in your own life.

When we dedicate kids at Mercy, we:

1. Affirm parents in their decision to continually grow in their own personal relationship with God. We express gratitude for the way you express God’s blessing in your child’s life and for the role that you as a parent will play in your child’s journey with God.

2. Invite our greater church community and your individual network of friends and family to take a role in helping you and your family through all of life’s struggles and joys, praying God’s favor and blessing over your journey as a family.

3. Cultivate hope and expectancy in the work of the Holy Spirit in your child’s life. We deeply desire every child who is part of our church community to know, love, and enjoy Jesus.