Since the founding of Mercy Vineyard Church, our community was envisioned as a large, multicultural, multiethnic church. Our values reflect this foundational hope as we seek to engage honestly and thoughtfully with the multicultural society we live in as people who take the Bible seriously (Biblically and Culturally Thoughtful), develop life-changing connections and pursue ongoing health and healing in our relationships (Healthy Relationships) and recognize our purpose as the church is to bless people of all backgrounds and ethnicities (Outward Focused).

We believe that racial justice is a central part of our spiritual formation and discipleship as followers of Jesus who see and acknowledge one another as image bearers of God and pursue authentic unity in the church. This holy work requires a daily commitment and challenge to dig in as individuals (inner life), in relationship with others (outer life) and corporately (life together). 

To guide our community in the fundamental work and spiritual formation of racial justice,  we want to lay out a pathway for the Mercy community: 

INNER LIFE: DO THE RESEARCH // investigate, get informed, learn, read, educate, go back, dig up, build awareness

At Mercy:

RESPOND: Read, listen and learn from these resources: 

— For People of Color: 

— For White People:

OUTER LIFE: LISTEN // choose empathy, invite stories, join a group, build relationships, take risks

LIFE TOGETHER: SAY “YES, COUNT ME IN FOR A SEAT AT THE TABLE!” // respond, get to work, take action, put into practice

Other recommended resources: