January 24
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Location: Mercy Vineyard Church

Leader: Cassandra Harvey
Title: Dear Food, I love you. I hate you. Don't leave me!
Author: Julia Fikse
Click for the Amazon link to the book
Are you ready to break free from food strongholds and achieve a healthier more abundant life? We will walk through this 10-week bible study together (in 11 weeks), learning what the bible has to say about compulsive eating, emotional eating, and other food-related issues and how to overcome them. This is not a diet book but a recognition that Jesus cares about our health and as a group, we can support one another in our health journeys in 2024.
The book can be purchased at the link above. Please read  "My food story", pages 3-46, for the first meeting.

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