Mercy’s COVID Art Project provides an opportunity for artists and creatives to express their feelings, fears, hopes, thoughts and ideas in a visual art format. We invite you to interpret visually how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you.


All of us have now lived for many months under the weight of COVID-19. This pandemic has altered our lives, jobs, families and relationships. What is it you want to communicate to others about your experience during the pandemic? What do you want the observer to understand? Pick a thought, feeling, experience or emotion and experiment with how you can share that visually. 


Art must be submitted by Monday, January 18, 2021 by 5pm [Deadline extended!]

Art Reception

We will host an Art Reception in early 2021 for a chance to meet artists and view original art. We plan for the artwork to be for sale with proceeds going to a charitable purpose such as Mercy’s COVID Care Fund.


All visual art techniques and materials will be accepted. Painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, fabric, paper or a combination of various techniques and materials. You may submit 2D as well as 3D art. 


We will make 12×12 canvases available at no cost to artists at the Welcome Desk in the Mercy Vineyard Church cafe. We encourage artists to use the 12×12 canvas, however, any size and medium can be used. Please contact Tom Dunn if you would like to arrange for a canvas to be delivered to you or if you plan to do something other than the standard 12×12.

All artwork submitted must be “family-friendly” and visually appropriate for all viewers.  

Each submission is to be a completed work of art ready to be displayed, including the artists name, the title of the work along with the materials used on the back of the canvas.

Who can participate?

Anyone in or outside Mercy Vineyard. If you have friends who are creative, invite them to participate by providing them a canvas and a copy of the instruction sheet. 

Families may want to do a collaborative work of art together. Children are welcome to participate but this is primarily open to all adults. If a child completes a work of art, include the child’s age.


For more information contact Tom Dunn,, 559-760-5366