MercyKids Newsletter – May 2020

Mercy Vineyard

Hello MercyKids Family,
This season of quarantine is no joke!  While gathering together feels like a distant memory, we want you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you in this season. Please reach out if we can support you in some way – you can email Cassie directly or get in touch with We also want to invite you to engage with the Mercy Kids Community both digitally and in person (keep reading!).

Carolyn Givens (Interim Kids Coordinator)
Cassie Smith (Kids Pastor)
MercyKids has been busy during this quarantine.  Want to see what we are up to? Follow us on FacebookInstagram or PinterestHere’s a schedule of our online activity:Sunday 9:00 AM  Facebook Live: Cassie shows a Holy Moly video and takes a few minutes to talk about it, read from the Bible, and pray (think kids’ church minus the craft).Monday Funday- Every Monday morning, we post a family-friendly resource, or an opportunity to participate in a short activity.  

Wednesday 9:00 AM Come & Move Series: Geared towards kids, Cassie is working her way through some core Spiritual Practices, what they mean, and how to try them out.

Thursday 9:00 AM Come & Move Series Geared towards parents, every week is a bit different, sometimes a video, sometimes an online resource always focused on helping parents teach the previous days’ spiritual practice to their kids. 
MercyKids Volunteers miss you! We’ve created a way to connect with some familiar faces (from the socially distanced safety of your vehicle).  Kids of all ages – join in our Car Ride Scavenger Hunt on May 16 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM as we drive and look for clues to complete a puzzle. Register HERE to get a map of the route and more details.
Kids Camp: Summer Camp at Spencer Lake has officially been cancelled for this summer. I (Cassie) am not sure who’s more bummed – me or the kids – but I’m already looking forward to next year.

MercyKids has a website!  It’s a work in progress and more will be coming, but right now check it out to find ideas on how to celebrate life’s rituals or to find more resources on the Spiritual Practices we’ve been talking about during the Come & Move Series.
Parents and/or Volunteers, We’d love your help in two ways in this season:
  • Connecting with Kids: Are you willing to create a video (no more than 15 seconds) saying “I SEE YOU” to the kids you serve at Mercy. Say hi, express your thoughts/feelings about how staying at home is going for you, do something silly (tell a joke, sing a song, share the one handed behind the back hula hoop skill you’ve perfected), whatever. We’ll post your videos to social media and send an email to groups as an encouragement. Email
  • Do you have any experience with engaging kids in the following Spiritual Practices: Simplicity, Confession, Study, Solitude, Worship, Fasting, Submission or Celebration? If you do, and you’re willing to share either a resource, short video, or note about what you do with your kids, we’d love to highlight it to our community as part of our Come and Move Series. Email