Loving Our Neighbors During COVID-19

Mercy Vineyard

“There is a big difference between social distancing and social isolation.” –The Art of Neighboring, COVID-19 Neighboring Toolkit

As followers of Jesus, we are called to love our neighbors. This is a challenge for many of us even when we are not living through a global pandemic! How then do we love our neighbors well while we are practicing social distancing to limit the spread of this coronavirus? What can we do without putting our neighbors or ourselves at risk? We may feel like we don’t know where to start in our efforts.

Thankfully the Art of Neighboring team has put together a handy resource kit that provides helpful steps and best practices for connecting with our physical neighbors during COVID-19, including:

  • A list of simple questions to ask when you see your neighbors.
  • Putting together a neighborhood directory and sharing it with your neighbors so everyone can participate in connecting.
  • Sample notes to drop off or emails to send.
  • Suggested ideas for connecting such as social distance walks or neighborhood sit ins.

Download the COVID-19 Neighboring Toolkit.