At the center of everything we do is knowing Jesus and loving others.


Whether it’s at our Sunday services or in our Connect Groups, we want everything to be driving towards Jesus and relationship. From those come our five core values.

God Driven

We believe God’s already doing something in the world around us and we want to partner with him in that.

Biblically & Culturally Thoughtful

We want to engage honestly and thoughtfully with the multicultural society we live in as people who take the Bible seriously.

Supernatural Experience

We want to experience the living God. We believe that God does miracles and speaks to people today.

Outward Focused

We believe church doesn’t exist for itself, it exists for others. We want to bless people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Healthy Relationships

We want to develop life-changing connections. We want to pursue ongoing health and healing in our relationships.

About the Vineyard

We are a part of VineyardUSA. Each Vineyard church is unique to its specific context, but operates through the lens of Vineyard’s values as we minister among diverse populations and in unique environments.

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